Colt expands European network offering in partnership with Eurofiber

Colt expands European network offering in partnership with Eurofiber

Colt Technology Services and Eurofiber have announced a new strategic partnership. Eurofiber’s infrastructure allows Colt to expand its metropolitan networks in Western Europe significantly. This enables corporate clients to opt for a dedicated fiber-optic connection without incurring the high costs associated with having to lay new cabling.

Specifically, Colt promises to expand its existing network in the Netherlands and Belgium, in addition to setting up projects in Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse. With the so-called “Hybrid On Net” solution, Colt customers achieve speeds befitting a dedicated fiber-optic connection, without having to lay it at great expense.

According to Colt and Eurofiber, there is a continuing rise in demand for bandwidth, especially now that companies have become heavily dependent on cloud-hosted infrastructure. Connectivity is therefore crucial for stable and successful business operations.

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Longer collaboration

Both parties are building on a partnership that began back in 2010. Colt CEO Keri Gilder says she is delighted to be working with Eurofiber in this way. “Our partnership with Eurofiber in France strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional connectivity through our intelligent Colt IQ Network, enabling us to offer our corporate clients the best network services for the best results.”

Colt has been a major player in connectivity for decades. It has since connected 222 cities 32 countries through more than 1,000 data centers. Eurofiber is an obvious partner for the company, since with 70,500 km of fiber-optic network and an open infrastructure it offers room for expansion of the Colt offering.

Our Techzine Talks podcast is usually conducted in Dutch, but on a visit to Eurofiber’s offices earlier this year, we recorded an English-language show about Quantum Key Distribution: