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Thomas Kurian, senior executive at Oracle, has announced a “extended leave” to take the company. Kurian has been in charge of expanding the cloud computing business. According to a spokesman, he’s expected to return soon.

Why Kurian has decided to take leave is unknown. “He’s taking some time off. We expect him back soon,” said a spokesman for CNBC. In an email with the sender in its hands, Kurian thanked his employees for their help in the transition to the cloud.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved together and grateful to have had the opportunity to help you with this journey”, says Kurian in the mail. At the end of the mail was his personal contact information. When Kurian expects to return to the company is unknown.

Thomas Kurian

Kurian joined Oracle in 1996, which means he has been working there for 22 years. In recent years, he was in charge of software development while the company was trying to set up operations in cloud computing.

Since 2015, Kurian has been president of product development. He is in charge of Fusion middleware and business applications that played a prominent role in the transition to the cloud. His position is so high that he reports directly to CTO Larry Ellison.

Kurian’s organisation claims to have 35,000 people in 32 countries. That’s about a quarter of all employees at the company. At the end of the fiscal year, which ended on 31 May 2017, he received compensation of 35.7 million dollars.

By the way, Kurian’s twin brother, George, is also well known in Silicon Valley. He is now the president and CEO of NetApp, a data center infrastructure company.

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