Dell Boomi unveils new vision on iPaaS

Dell Boomi unveils new vision on iPaaS

Dell Boomi announced its new vision for iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service. This vision will also be reflected in the company’s product range and strategy over the coming months.

Boomi provides a unified, integrated iPaaS platform for connecting applications and data across the entire business environment, a hub for synchronizing and enriching data, and exchange for managing the network of trading partners. In addition, there is mediate for designing, securing and scaling APIs throughout their lifecycle and a flow for building customer journeys.

However, the new strategy adds several new things to the platform. For example, the focus is on an “unparalleled user experience”, so that everyone can use the product at his or her own level. It also offers guidance that is adapted to the project or use case that is currently being worked on.

Boomi also relies on information from the community, where the user is provided with useful information at every step. This means that projects must be completed quickly and efficiently. Boomi now claims to have about 20 TB of anonymous metadata that are integrated as a source of information in every part of the platform. Based on feedback and community insights, users receive suggestions for the optimal configuration of Boomi.

Collaboration and Blockchain

Boomi also wants to do more with cooperation. The new user experience must be all about supporting the collaboration of teams and individuals in real time. In addition, there will be support for the blockchain platforms Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, which enable customers to quickly and easily incorporate smart contracts into their business processes.

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