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Cloudflare has launched the new product Magic Transit, which aims to provide companies with a ‘smarter, better, stronger and cheaper’ network. It protects services from DDoS attacks and increases speeds.

The new service, Magic Transit, supports all IP protocols and standards, writes The Next Web. This allows, for example, mail servers to be connected to the service.

Security and optimization

All the traffic is controlled by the tool through Cloudflare’s network of data centres. These data centres are located in 193 cities in 91 countries, including several emerging markets. This makes Magic Transit easy to use for customers in Africa and Asia.

Magic Transit also includes a range of network security tools. This includes the filtering of packets and firewalls, for example. In addition, there are features that can be useful for applications with high demands, such as load balancing and traffic management.

The Cloudflare network makes extensive use of artificial intelligence. This can reduce latency and prevent bottlenecks. This is useful, for example, for applications that are performance-sensitive.


Cloudflare also expanded its portfolio in April with a VPN service called Warp, which should make mobile connections faster and more private.

The service distinguishes itself from others by offering, among other things, better performance. This way, pages are loaded faster thanks to the company’s techniques. It also uses the high speed Domain Name System service launched last year. As a result, URLs entered by users in their browsers are matched more quickly with the IP addresses of websites.

Warp was initially available as a free version. Later there will also be a paid version with the company’s Argo-Technology. Argo is a system that optimises traffic in the Cloudflare network. Delays must therefore be reduced by 35%.

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