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Dell has added a number of new solutions to its edge computing portfolio. New servers, a data platform and a micro-data center are among the presented new solutions.

The micro-datacenter is modular, and is intended for environments in which it has to be able to take a beating. The system is called Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415, with power, cooling and remote management in thesize of a refrigerator. It also has lockable doors, smoke detection and fire resistance. In short, a robust solution for rugged environments.

Furthermore, servers have been announced that fit into tight spaces, as well as a new architecture that must combine cloud, edge and on-premise into one holistic approach. Dell EMC Power Edge XE420 server is a two outlet, low latency system that can add up to four accelerators and 92TB of storage per server. The server is designed for varying temperatures, dusty conditions and has easy physical access for maintenance. Another solution for harsh conditions.

Challenges at the edge

Matt Baker, senior vice president of strategy and planning at Dell, says the company’s portfolio indicates that edge computing has its own unique challenges. These include limited bandwidth and the environments. Baker added that edge computing is also part of a data processing continuum that includes the cloud and data center.

“Edge, core and cloud need to connect seamlessly as part of a broader system,” Baker explains. “Edge computing, however, is defined by limitations and is more complex than the data center.”

New software

In addition to the data center and servers, the company also announced Dell EMC Remote Access Controller software, a platform to provide remote access and server management for edge servers. The software further adds streaming analytics tools to better understand the edge servers. The tools allow companies to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyse systems. There is also Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform, which records and analyses streaming data from edge systems.