HPE offers financing options to companies affected by corona

HPE offers financing options to companies affected by corona

HPE has reserved 2 billion dollars (1.8 billion euros) to financially support their customers and business partners. These are customers whose IT activities have been disrupted by the corona crisis.

The 2 billion-dollar financing fund for clients is intended to purchase equipment or to buy their ICT assets at book value. There is also a programme where customers will only have to pay 1 percent of the total value of new contracts per month in 2020. Payment terms will return to normal as of next year. Financing costs will increase over the duration of the action.

“There is a liquidity crisis in the business world. Customers are focused on retaining capital, reducing costs and managing capital better,” says Brad Shapiro, general manager of HPE Financial Services for the US branch of HPE. “At the same time, there is the demand for them to continue with existing digital transformation projects. Financing minimises cash flow during this period.”

By the way, the installment purchase program for equipment is not completely new. HPE has purchased more than $600 million in customer infrastructure over the past two years, Shapiro said. These are existing schemes that are being re-communicated, as it were, so that customers know that such programs are available.

More benefits

The promotion also has advantages for HPE; it should simplify customers’ decisions about buying new equipment. HPE, like many companies, has withdrawn its own financial projections for the current financial year due to uncertainties caused by the corona virus.

Other offerings offered by the company include a phased implementation program that allows customers to configure and deploy systems before they pay for them. Refurbished equipment can also be rented for a short period of up to 12 months.

The company also offers to refurbish second hand acquired computers and make them available through channel partners on a rental, purchase or lease basis. “Customers struggle to find computers, so we see a peak in demand for used products. The refurbished equipment is in top condition,” says Shapiro.