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Although the whole world is still at the start of the major rollout of 5G, there is already talk of its successor 6G. Samsung expects that 6G will be fifty times faster than 5G.

In a report, the Korean tech company writes what its expectations are of the new network solution. It predicts that 6G will be much faster, but at the same time that it will take years before we will get it. It could reach speeds of 1.000 gigabits per second and require less energy. This would be a significant advantage for smartphones, which are being equipped with larger batteries so that they can make it through the day.

Fifty times faster

In addition, Samsung would like to see a faster connection. It hopes for one millisecond of processing time between the device and the transmission tower. It has even outlined what the new antennas needed for 6G could look like. It sounds promising: according to Samsung, 6G is up to fifty times faster than 5G with its 1 terabit per second.

5G can be very useful for the further development of self-driving cars, but also for speeding up and improving the communication of emergency services.


The full adoption of 5G is getting closer, but we have to wait a long time for any signs of 6G. Samsung believes the eventual adoption of 6G will introduce applications for virtual reality and holograms. The tech giant thinks that the first companies and networks will get access to 6G in 2028, and with a worldwide roll-out in 2030. Cisco doesn’t share this sentiment; they believe a potential global adoption of 6G will happen five to ten years later.