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Nutanix and Intel want to better align their products and services. With a joint knowledge center and Innovation Lab they want to achieve better integration of each other’s technology.

According to Nutanix and Intel, cooperation should help customers to make the best choice for their hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. With a far-reaching integration of Intel’s computing, networking and storage technology with the software-based Nutanix solutions and applications, customers will not only have more access to knowledge and resources but will also be able to make the best choice for their hybrid and multi-cloud strategy.

Actively working on projects

In the Nutanix-Intel Joint Innovation Lab, both parties will actively work on projects to develop solutions and applications that customers can deploy. A number of physical labs will be set up for this purpose. Customers will have both physical and remote access to these labs. Among other things, they will be able to test the latest Intel technology on the Nutanix architecture.

With this collaboration, they accelerate the adoption of this technology. Solutions and applications can be optimized and use cases can be generated. For both vendors, this must also provide the necessary commercial ideas and create new opportunities.

When the labs within the Nutanix-Intel Joint Innovation Lab program open and where exactly they are physically located is not disclosed.