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Netgear launches a new range of products in its Orbi Plus portfolio of wifi mesh systems during CES 2022. According to Netgear, the Orbi Pro SXK50 series is especially suitable for SMEs.

The new Orbi Pro SXK50 portfolio consists of Netgear’s new AX5400 wifi mesh models. The systems are positioned between existing entry-level Orbi Pro SXk30 and high-end SXK80 models. The Orbi Pro SXK50 series is aimed at SMEs, allowing smaller companies to improve their wifi coverage.

Like all other Netgear Orbi Pro systems, the Orbi Pro SXK50 portfolio consists of a router and a satellite. The system is based on wifi 6, capable of delivering up to 5.4 Gbps of throughput and connecting up to 75 devices. Furthermore, the Orbi Pro SXK50 portfolio features WPA3 security, built-in VLAN management and four different SSIDs.

Other technology

The wifi mesh system is equipped with software tooling. For a start, Netgear Insight, which can be used to monitor wifi environments. Insight Business VPN is present as well, allowing several Orbi Pro routers to be connected. Finally, a shared SSID allows the series to connect headquarters to home office environments.

A combination of the Netgear Orbi Pro SXK50 router and satellite is priced at $450. The price includes a five-year Netgear Insight Remote Management subscription. The portfolio is already available in the US and expected in Europe soon.

New switch

In addition to the Netgear Orbi Pro SXK50 series, the network specialist introduced a new switch for SMEs. The MS108EUP features eight 2.5 Gbps PoE++ ports. The switch provides up to 60W (PoE++) per port for four ports. The other four ports offer up to 30W (PoE+) per port. The switch is priced at $440.