Red Hat updates OpenShift Platform Plus

Red Hat updates OpenShift Platform Plus

Red Hat launched a new version of OpenShift Platform Plus, the most comprehensive Kubernetes solution in its portfolio.

Applications are increasingly containerized. The use of Kubernetes grows accordingly. The open-source technology has been the industry standard for container management for years. Several organizations develop their own versions of the platform, including Red Hat.

Red Hat’s version is called OpenShift. The organization attempts to create a platform that’s more user-friendly, efficient and secure than its original counterpart. In addition to OpenShift, Red Hat develops complementary apps for cluster security, data management in hybrid clouds and container development.

The solutions are available separately, but some organizations want the full stack. Resultingly, Red Hat develops OpenShift Platform Plus, a combination of OpenShift and several complementary solutions. The latest version of OpenShift Platform Plus was recently made available.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

The update includes the latest versions of the solutions that make up the platform. Customers gain access to OpenShift 4.11, Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes 2.6 and OpenShift Data Foundation 4.11.

OpenShift 4.11 allows OpenShift to be installed through the AWS and Azure Marketplace. In addition, OpenShift can be deployed in Nutanix virtual environments with “the click of a button”, according to Red Hat. Furthermore, containers can now run in sandboxes on AWS.

Advanced Cluster Management 2.6 improves cluster performance in high-latency and low-bandwidth environments. The solution generates new metrics to monitor the performance of edge environments.

Finally, OpenShift Data Foundation 4.11 features the OpenShift API for data security. The API allows admins to create backups and recover data.

OpenShift 4.11 and OpenShift Data Foundation 4.11 are available immediately. Advanced Cluster Management 2.6 is expected before the end of August.

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