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Mozilla announced that the Mozilla VPN, formerly known as Firefox Private Network, will exit the beta stage in the coming weekend and will be rolled out later this summer.

Initially, Mozilla rolled out its VPN as a browser extension for Firefox only, but later on, the company expanded the service to a standalone VPN. This meant that the service would also work with other browsers. For now, the client will only be deployed for Windows, Android iOS and as a browser extension, but in the future, a Mac client (and Linux) will also be one of the options.

The beta period of the service started at the end of 2019, and in the next few weeks, Mozilla VPN should be rolled out to the general public. In the first phase, the VPN will only be available to users from the United States, but Mozilla plans on adding more regions throughout the year. Also, the initial fee will remain the same as the full extension and will be five dollars a month for a total of five devices.

Firefox is advertising that it offers servers in over 30 different countries and claims no bandwidth limit.