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ChatGPT being used as an accomplice in cybercrime

ChatGPT being used as an accomplice in cybercrime

Cybersecurity firm Cybersixgill has released a report on current trends in cybercrime. It shows that generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are making life easier for criminals of this kind.

We have highlighted before that the possibilities of generative AI are extensive. For example, there are a number of industries where artificial intelligence is going to cause a revolution. Cybersixgill’s report shows that cybercriminals are benefiting from this development. For example, AI tools can help with coding, which is also going to make writing malware more efficient. In addition, ChatGPT has the ability to write credibly written phishing emails.

The report, which covers 2022, includes more findings. For example, communication apps with end-to-end encryption make it more difficult to monitor cybercrime. Secure platforms like Telegram, Discord and China’s QQ allow criminals to send their messages without a trace.

Cybersixgill predicts an explosion of successful cyber attacks in the near future. This is partly because criminals are readjusting their targets. Credit card fraud, a traditionally favored activity among online criminals, is dying out. It would be nice if criminals of this kind then went on to do something legitimate, but the reality is that bad actors often find a new way of exploiting the general populace.

“In response [to these changes], organizations can no longer rely on outdated technologies and manual processes to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks,” said Security Strategist Delilah Schwartz of Cybersixgill.