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KnowBe4 and Microsoft introduce new anti-phishing feature for Outlook

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KnowBe4 and Microsoft introduce new anti-phishing feature for Outlook

KnowBe4 and Microsoft have joined forces to improve email security in Outlook by introducing the Microsoft Ribbon Phish Alert Button (PAB). This new functionality allows users to report suspicious emails with a single click directly from their Outlook inbox.

The PAB is integrated into Outlook’s Home ribbon and is available for several versions of Outlook, including Outlook 365, New Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the Web. The Mac version of Outlook also gets the button. That makes it easy for employees to report phishing attempts, which is important because, according to the companies, they are ‘the last line of defence’ against cyber threats.

Improving response time

The new PAB not only acts as an advanced email threat management tool, but also streamlines the reporting process, which should improve compliance and response time for security teams. The arrival of the new button involves a collaboration between KnowBe4, provider of security awareness campaigns and simulated phishing scenarios, and tech giant Microsoft.

Example of a phishing notification via the alert button in Outlook.

According to Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, the Phish Alert Button is an important step in creating a strong security culture within organizations. “Phishing remains one of the biggest threats facing organizations today. So vigilant employees are key.”

Immediately notify the IT department

The button can be set up so that an organization’s employees can immediately notify their IT department of a potential phishing email. They can then choose whether, in their opinion, it is phishing—and thus a threat—or ‘regular’ spam. Furthermore, they can include an additional reason or motivation with the notification.

The video on this page provides a more detailed explanation. Brandon Smith of KnowBe4 discusses the new functionality starting at 3m39s. This manual explains how to install the button in Outlook.

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