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Box introduces Box Shield, which consists of a number of tools for a safer file sharing system. Users and administrators can use the tools to better understand with whom files are shared and when files are used in the wrong way.

Box users often share links to make files available to other users. Box Shield should make the sharing of these files safer, reports TechCrunch. “We’ve introduced Box Shield, which contains content controls and protects the content in a way that doesn’t endanger the user experience, while ensuring security for the administrator and the company to protect their intellectual property,” said Jeetu Patel, Chief Product and Chief Strategy Officer at Box.

Box Shield consists of two main parts. On the one hand, users need to understand what they are sharing with others. Sometimes companies use file sharing in Box in the wrong way. As a result, files are indexed in Google and are therefore available to everyone. To prevent this, the file sharing information has been made clearer by alerts and a new UI design.

More features for administrators

There are also cases where this doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve added a way for IT professionals to build in security. If there are documents that must not be leaked, they can be protected. If users try to share files in the wrong way, the system will stop them.

It also makes it easier for administrators to detect when files are being misused. For example, reports of unusual downloads, suspicious use sessions or activity in unusual locations in Box. This tool can also work together with security software that is already in use, which further reduces the risk of incidents.

“The second thing we’re trying to do is to make sure that Box itself has a number of built-in safety belts and preconditions that can help people reduce risks of negligence or accidental employee disclosure, and then ensure that there are some very accurate security controls that can be applied to the classification of files,” Patel explained.

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