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Fortinet releases new 4400F firewall for data centers

Fortinet releases new 4400F firewall for data centers

Fortinet has launched a network firewall for hyperscale data centers and 5G networks. The FortiGate 4400F uses an NP7 network processor. Fortinet is looking to further expand its portfolio with this firewall.

Hyperscale data centers and cloud providers can benefit from the FortiGate 4400F. It is equipped with carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) to make delivery networks available. The CGNAT optimizes hardware operation and offers low latency, which is useful for logging and audits.

In addition, it provides security scale for mobile 4G and 5G networks and URL filtering to secure other services on a network. The FortiGate 4400F has a Fabric Management Center and runs on FortiOS. It also offers integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric. This not only includes FortiGuard services but also virtual patching and proactive detection of security threats.


The firewall supports millions of connections per second. However, it is also possible to securely share large datasets. The FortiGate 4400F uses VXLAN segmentation that can be secured with either Layer 4 or Layer 7 security.

Earlier this year, the FortiGate 1800F launched a new generation high-capacity firewall, while enabling internal segmentation. This firewall, therefore, has multiple 40G interfaces.