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Identity management solution provider Beyond Identity has made its first moves to bring its products to Europe. The company provides password-less identity management solutions.

To be able to offer its products properly in Europe, Beyond Identity has taken several steps. For instance, the company has filled 16 vacancies in the areas of sales, marketing and engineering and expects this number to grow over the course of 2021. Beyond Identity is also opening a new office in London to oversee its European operations. This office is set to open in the third quarter of the year.

Datacenter in Frankfurt

Another important development is the opening of a datacenter in Frankfurt. This datacenter will not only serve to provide fast and reliable services to European users, but is also necessary to comply with the European Union’s strict security and privacy regulations. Finally, Beyond Identity is opening a European engineering centre. From this centre, the company intends to provide regional technical support to its customers.

Expansion after milestones and successes

The decision to expand into Europe follows various successes, including growth milestones, product portfolio expansions and a recent investment round that raised 105 million dollars (86 million euros). The company’s software now integrates with solutions from Auth0, Okta and ForgeRock.

Logging in without a password

Beyond Identity is developing an identification method that does not require the use of passwords. Instead, it uses asymmetric cryptography, a technique that is also used in the TLS protocol. The multi-factor login experience then gives users secure access to their cloud environment. Insecure passwords and cumbersome login procedures are thus a thing of the past, according to the company, as are cyber dangers such as account takeovers and ransomware attacks.

“Many vendors incorrectly use the term ‘passwordless’. These companies apply ‘band-aids’ to passwords, but do not eliminate them,” says Tom Jermoluk, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Identity. “At Beyond Identity, our mission is to take passwords completely out of the process and we see huge opportunities to do this in the UK and EMEA market. Our innovative technology enables our customers to replace insecure passwords and implement zero-trust access control that continuously authenticates users and checks the security of each device during each login request.”

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