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Veeam introduced Kasten K10 V5.5, the first-next version of its backup solution for Kubernetes environments. The update provides insight into the non-peak usage hours of applications, allowing users to schedule backups at a favourable time.

Veeam develops a broad range of backup software for on-premises and cloud environments. The organization announced the acquisition of Kasten in 2020. At the time, Kasten developed a backup solution for Kubernetes environments. Veeam has been providing the technology since the acquisition. The first-next product version was recently announced.

Kasten K10 V5.5

Kasten K10 V5.5 will be available before the end of the year. Three improvements stand out. Firstly, the update makes it possible to schedule backups during the off-peak usage hours of applications. The new feature provides insight into a system’s busiest and quietest hours, allowing backups to be scheduled at a favourable time.

The feature is promising for organizations that run Kubernetes environments on leased cloud instances or bare-metal servers. Some companies pay for 24/7 access to instances or servers. Less capacity is used during off-peak hours, but the prices of off-peak and peak hours are the same. By putting Kasten K10 to work during off-peak hours, you get the most out of your infrastructure.

Secondly, the update introduces an installation wizard. The graphical interface simplifies deployment. The wizard allows users to generate install manifests and reuse them for future installations. In addition, the update provides support for IPv6 addresses, helping users overcome the shortage of IPv4 addresses.

Thirdly, the update includes new third-party integrations. Kasten K10 V5.5 supports Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, allowing organizations to manage both VMs and containers with Red Hat OpenShift. In addition, the update provides support for OCP 4.10, Kubernetes 1.23, the AWS Jakarta cloud region and the GCP Milan cloud region.

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