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Veeam launched Backup for Salesforce, a long-awaited backup solution for data and metadata in Salesforce.

Veeam entered the market in 2008. Its offering was initially limited to a backup solution for virtual machines. Over time, the organization launched solutions for multiple cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365. Today, Veeam provides backup products for a variety of environments, from AWS to Google Cloud.

Each solution allows an organization to backup all data in the respective environment. In addition to straightforward management tools, Veeam ensures that the required storage infrastructure is used cost-effectively.

The latest addition to the offering is Veeam Backup for Salesforce. The solution was unveiled in 2021, but the basics were developed years earlier. Veeam uses Salesforce itself. The company developed an internal system to backup its Salesforce data. That system evolved into a full-fledged solution over time. Veeam Backup for Salesforce is now generally available.

Veeam Backup for Salesforce

The solution allows Salesforce data and metadata to be backed up on hardware of choice, from on-premises servers to the public cloud. The product has direct access to Salesforce data through native APIs. Records, hierarchies, fields, files and metadata are recoverable in the event of data loss.

The solution wasn’t launched on a whim. Market research drove Veeam’s decision to introduce the product.

A recent survey underscores the demand for backup solutions among Salesforce users. The platform has built-in measures to prevent data loss, but data loss occurs nevertheless. Human error is the biggest cause. Developers, administrators and integrators can delete or corrupt data by accident.

Veeam’s solution provides a safety net for data loss, regardless of the cause. In addition to the commercial version, the organization launched a free variant. Organizations with fewer than 50 Salesforce user licenses have free access to all the features of the commercial version through the ‘Community Edition‘. Both releases are available immediately.

Tip: Veeam raises the bar with object storage and backup for Salesforce