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Anthropic has introduced an iOS app that gives users direct access to the GenAI functionality of its Claude 3 LLMs.

Previously, the Claude 3 LLMs were only accessible through a website and third-party AI- and API-integrated solutions. The just-released iOS app also allows, just as competitor OpenAI does with its ChatGPT mobile app, to have conversations with the Claude 3 LLMs via mobile devices and upload images for analysis.

The iOS app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by any Claude 3 subscriber, including free users. Only users in the Netherlands who can access the LLMs through the API may be able to use this mobile app. Web-based access to the Claude LLMs is not currently available in our country.

Anthropic indicates that an Android app will also be available soon.

Vier smartphones met verschillende app-schermen, inclusief stemstatistieken, bouwmaterialen, breipatronen en een financieel overzicht, naast elkaar gerangschikt.

New Team subscription

In addition to the new iOS app, Anthropic introduced its new Teams subscription, which comes alongside the Free and Pro tiers. The Teams subscription is designed for teams of at least five participants. Teams subscribers get access to more and faster chat sessions, all three Claude 3 LLMs, and a larger context window of 200,000 tokens for processing long documents or having detailed conversations.

This subscription also includes several group management tools and invoice management. Users can easily switch between the different Pro and Teams subscriptions.

The Anthropic Teams subscription costs $30 per month/seat in America; we do not have a view on the European prices at this time.

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