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TIBCO launched TIBCO ModelOps. The solution supports real-time data analysis through AI models. No-code and low-code are central to the design, allowing a larger number of employees to leverage data in less time.

TIBCO ModelOps helps businesses analyse data using AI models. The solution combines data science with no-code and low-code, providing relatively easy access to data analytics. According to TIBCO, employees are less dependent on specialists, which speeds up analytics considerably.


The solution helps simplify model management, implementation, monitoring and governance. Users are able to unlock data in real-time by quickly deploying AI models at scale, regardless of system locations.

The tool is format agnostic. All common model formats are supported, including API-based models in public cloud and on-premises environments. Models managed through TIBCO ModelOps are applicable throughout TIBCO’s portfolio, including TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Data Virtualization and TIBCO Streaming. More will follow.

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