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Zendesk acquires technology partner Tymeshift

Zendesk acquires technology partner Tymeshift

Zendesk has announced that it is acquiring workforce management (WFM) tool Tymeshift. It already had a partnership with the WFM company, but from now on Zendesk will integrate Tymeshift’s tools into its own offerings. This will include AI-enabled features.

WFM tools help organizations streamline and, where possible, automate employee deployment and schedules. Within this market, many players are focusing on different platforms. However, Tymeshift was already developed exclusively for Zendesk, making the acquisition a natural fit.

“Companies of all sizes benefit from WFM tooling. When we wanted to expand our product portfolio, Tymeshift was therefore a logical choice. With this acquisition, we ensure seamless adoption and can generate immediate value for our customers,” stated Matt Price, Senior Vice President at Zendesk. “Tymeshift has proven to be a comprehensive and intuitive WFM solution that allows companies to streamline their scheduling, forecasting and reporting, ultimately leading to better customer service.”


Within Zendesk, Tymeshift can track and drive all sorts of aspects of employee behaviour. For example, it tracks the “activities, productivity and efficiency of service workers in real-time.” By automatically generating schedules, forecasts and reports, Tymeshift potentially removes many time-consuming tasks.

Tymeshift’s offering already existed, but was a separate solution that did not come with Zendesk. Now it will be available to many more customers. It fits with Zendesk’s mission to simplify business and make customer connection easier.


Zendesk is praising Tymeshift’s various capabilities even more precisely. For one, it offers AI-driven forecasting that leverages the data on the platform to provide insights into (future) workforce needs. Secondly, Tymeshift can automatically generate rosters that optimally address customer needs and behaviour. In addition, the solution can write reports or create visualizations in real-time.

“Tymeshift enables customers to optimize staffing based on accurate forecasts and data, automate time-consuming tasks, gather better insights and create great reports,” said David Birchmier, former CEO of Tymeshift and now Director of WFM Strategy & GTM at Zendesk. “By having the right people on the right channels at the right time, all based on real-time data, we were able to provide direct value to Tymeshift customers. I look forward to expanding our impact by officially becoming part of Zendesk.”

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