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Salesforce’s AI ecosystem claimed to deliver companies 2 trillion in revenue

Salesforce’s AI ecosystem claimed to deliver companies 2 trillion in revenue

According to Salesforce, its own (generative) AI ecosystem and that of its partners is going to bring companies worldwide about 1.9 trillion euros ($2 trillion) in revenue over the next five years. These solutions are also going to put more people to work, they claim.

Salesforce bases this on a study by IDC. It states that its own AI solutions and applications will generate a lot of revenue for businesses worldwide in the period 2022-2028. Specifically, the CRM and cloud giant cites an amount of as much as $2 trillion in this regard.

Impact op de omzet van Salesforce AI-aangedreven cloudoplossingen 2020 - 2022.


Salesforce’s (generative) AI applications will also increase employment during the said period, the study predicts. This is set to increase by 19.1 percent. In other words, it should add 11.6 million jobs. This brings the total number of jobs for Salesforce AI solutions and applications to 17.9 million by 2028. In 2022, the figure was 6.3 million.

Data engineers and business analysts in particular are in high demand as AI specialists.

Salesforce AI-aangedreven cloudoplossingen hebben impact op de werkgelegenheid in 2022.

Benefits of using (generative) AI

The study further finds that the use of AI by companies continues to increase as a matter of course. This mainly stems from the demand to remove repetitive tasks from employees and thus increase their productivity. The researchers expect the investments to yield more AI skills, customer satisfaction, and increased output per employee.


Likewise, the study also finds that there are still challenges for companies in the coming years when it comes to (generative) AI. These include a lack of qualified personnel, AI governance and risk management, costs, and reliable data.

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