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AWS Marketplace expands: additional third-party services available

AWS Marketplace expands: additional third-party services available

Third-parties can now resell their additional services through AWS Marketplace. Extra services can now be offered directly on the platform, including implementation assistance, assessments, managed services, training and premium support.

Companies have long been able to offer their cloud solutions on the AWS Marketplace, but for additional support, they previously had to contact the customer in a different way. This meant going outside the AWS cloud environment and contacting the company in question for assistance.

That is now a thing of the past for those that want to stay within AWS’ confines. Vendors on AWS Marketplace now get wide latitude to market a broader range of services, expanding what’s possible within AWS’ cloud ecosystem. It reduces friction for customers to get targeted assistance and provides better visibility into cloud costs.

AWS billing

A benefit for customers is that the costs for these external services are billed through AWS. Partners can still set specific pricing levels per customer, set contract terms and handle other legal matters on their end within the Marketplace. In other words, it’s a flexible addition that’s been designed to be attractive for all involved.

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AWS receives a portion of the revenue, but it is not known what percentage that is. The Register notes that early this year, the cloud company reportedly reduced these costs for partners, which makes a deal through AWS Marketplace more attractive than it used to be.


With this move, the AWS ecosystem has expanded a little further. The caveat may be that there is greater vendor lock-in here because all kinds of third-party services can now also be secured on AWS. However, such deals often involve services that are already intimately connected to the chosen cloud service. So in a practical sense, this move by AWS is mostly positive for customers, with a streamlined supply of additional support where it is needed.

For ISVs reaching customers through the AWS Marketplace, there is quite a bit of flexibility. For example, they can opt for a temporary or permanent discount with certain customers. Then, an overview of such agreements can be found on the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

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