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Google makes security G Suite stronger with new tools for Gmail

Google makes security G Suite stronger with new tools for Gmail

Google has provided G Suite with new security tools for Gmail. The tools are designed for use by IT administrators. These include a new sandbox feature, better protection against phishing and malware, and new controls to prevent employees from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing messages.

According to G Suite product managers Andy Wen and Neil Kumaran, the adoption of new security tools is often related to how easy it is to implement. According to them, the best way to adopt the tools is to give IT administrators full control over the process, writes Silicon Angle.

In G Suite administrators will soon have the option to implement a new security sandbox function in Gmail. This feature is designed to help protect against zero-day or undetected threats, ransomware, and malware distributed through malicious embedded scripts. When enabled, email attachments are opened in a secure environment where they can be tested for threats.

According to Wen and Kumaran, the analysis will be done in a few minutes. So users don’t have to wait long for an email to get through to their inbox. In addition, administrators can set up their own rules about which types of e-mails are tested in the sandbox. Suspicious messages will be placed in quarantine after analysis for further investigation. Employees can’t open them there.


The second update is related to the “recommended defenses” against phishing attacks by Google. These recommendations are activated by default and automatically redirect suspicious e-mails to quarantine for further investigation. They also help identify emails with “unusual attachments” and emails that try to spoof user domains. In this case, a warning is displayed to the user.

Finally, a “confidential mode” is introduced in Gmail, with built-in controls for managing information rights. These controls prevent users from copying, downloading, printing or forwarding e-mails to help protect confidential business information.

Gmail Confidential has been made publicly available immediately. The sandbox and the recommended defenses will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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