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Freshworks announced that they acquired Flint, an IT orchestrator and management platform for the cloud. This new acquisition is a move by Freshworks to add more value and functionality to their Freshservice IT support service.

Flint brings aboard new automation tools and propels Freshworks cloud management plans forward. Prakash Ramamurthy, the Chief Product Officer at Freshworks, joined the company just last October, but he had some insights to offer about this acquisition.

According to him, Freshworks was planning an expansion of ITSM (IT services) and ITOM (operations management) capabilities, before Covid-19 hit. Making those plans a reality now is more critical because working remotely has become more important. 

Automation provides a solution

ITSM, for example, allows customers of Freshworks, to create workflows. Among the tasks customers might have are some repetitions. With Flint’s automation tools, this new integration would offer a solution from having to do the same things repeatedly. 

By orchestrating the repeated tasks, customers can have a better experience. At the beginning of 2020, Freshworks realised that their customers needed these tools. The need became more apparent when the pandemic halted normal operations.

A smart bet

Acquiring Flint was a smart move because it will solve these issues and partly because it is easier to acquire a company with the tools ready than to build something from scratch. For Freshworks, Prakash is sure that this was the smart bet to make.

Now, they can solve common IT issues, where they would provide alert management services. Flint’s tech will be deployed into areas like helping customers manage workloads in different clouds. At the moment, this is a competitive area with many startups looking to find footing.

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