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Their launch of Digital 360 for Industries aims to help businesses across multiple industries to go digital.

This week, Salesforce launched Digital 360 for Industries. This new offering comprises a set of services built to help companies embrace digitization. The industries that Salesforce are targeting include consumer goods, financial services, nonprofit, and the public sector.

The new offering is replete with the means that Salesforce excels in. They offer pre-built templates, industry-specific developer toolkits, and customer guides. The company claims that Digital 360 is designed to enable businesses to overcome challenges involving data capture, systems integration, and compliance requirements.

The pandemic has permanently changed the consumer landscape

Salesforce detailed the new platform in a blog post this week. “In 2020, the world changed, forcing companies of all sizes and across all industries to quickly go digital,” they say. This transformation made safe consumer experiences like curbside pickup and grocery delivery the norm.

“More than a year later, it’s clear that consumer behavior has changed forever ,” they continue. “And today’s customer is now digital first. Consumers are spending 54 percent more time on digital channels than in stores and other physical locations. Even industries like financial services, manufacturing and the public sector, which have been reluctant to make the leap due to compliance and infrastructure challenges, found themselves embracing new ways of operating.”

The solution, according to Salesforce, is speed. Companies need to be able to react quickly to a changing environment. They claim their Digital 360 for Industries platform will do just that. “With Digital 360 for Industries companies can quickly and easily build ecommerce storefronts, webpages and portals that are connected to Salesforce Industry Clouds,” they say.

Targeting a wide range of industry sectors

The company has created out-of-the-box solutions for Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Communications and Media, and Emergency Response Management. They also have a suite iof Apps designed for the Public Sector as well as Nonprofits.

“Every company needs to become digital-first, no matter the industry,” said Shannon Duffy, EVP, Marketing, Salesforce Digital 360. “With Digital 360 for Industries, we’re expanding our leading digital and industry offerings to deliver exactly what our customers need — a flexible technology platform that is quick and easy to deploy.”