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‘Microsoft wants to replace all Outlook versions with One Outlook’

‘Microsoft wants to replace all Outlook versions with One Outlook’

Anonymous sources told ZDNet that Microsoft is introducing ‘One Outlook’ come spring. The universal app is designed to replace all current versions of Outlook.

There are several Outlook versions in circulation. The desktop app for Windows works differently than the app for macOS, each version features a different interface and the web app has a dinstinct look. According to Windows Central and ZDNet, Microsoft is privately looking to merge all versions.

A year ago, Windows Central went public with leaked images and information about ‘Monarch’, the name for a universal client merging all versions of Outlook. The app is expected to run identically on Windows, macOS and browsers. Different Outlook interfaces will be replaced with a universal, recognizable look.

According to Windows Central’s anonymous sources, Microsoft was supposed to launch the app before the end of 2021. Although that never happened, ZDNet came forward with new information.

One Outlook update

Anonymous sources claim that the universal app is currently being tested within Microsoft. ZDNet predicts that Windows Insiders (members of Microsoft beta programs) will receive an invitation to the beta of ‘One Outlook’ (the project’s unofficial name) as early as come spring.

Reportedly, starting in October 2022, the app will be deployed as an alternative to the current Mail and Calander apps for Windows 10 and Windows 11. ZDNet does not expect all users of older Outlook versions to be forced to switch to the new app before the end of 2022. Microsoft is expected to offer the app first and standardize the release over time.

Tip: The next Windows 11 update may not appear until summer of 2022