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Qualcomm introduced the AI Stack, a set of solutions that bring artificial intelligence to its existing product portfolio. The stack allows vendors and developers to more easily integrate AI into Qualcomm’s products.

The AI Stack contains AI tools that support Qualcomm’s portfolio. Developers and vendors can use the stack to develop intelligent apps for various Qualcomm chipsets.

Qualcomm AI Stack

Customers gain access to the Qualcomm AI Engine and AI cores on the Qualcomm Cloud AI processor. The Qualcomm AI Engine is an AI library that can deploy existing AI models to Qualcomm’s platforms. Essentially, customers can develop one model and move it to multiple products and layers.

Furthermore, the AI Stack supports various AI frameworks and popular runtimes, including PyTorch, TensorFlow and ONNX. Developer libraries, services, tools and compilers are included as well. Qualcomm notes that broad compatibility allows customers to port AI projects from one device to another.

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