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Salesforce released a preview of the Winter 23 release. The edition should make it easier for companies to automate and scale complex business processes.

The preview introduces hundreds of improvements and additions coming in the Winter 23 release of the Salesforce 360 platform. The new functionality is based on Salesforce’s legacy codebase. However, the organization has started rolling out initiatives for microservice, API-first, cloud-based SaaS and headless functionality.

Significant improvements

The new functionality is coming to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Experience Cloud, Einstein Automate, Customer Data Platform, and Field Service. Furthermore, new features were added to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), Quip, CRM Analytics, Enablement Sites and various APIs.

The Winter 23 release brings enhancements to Dynamic Forms. Users get more migration options for the design of layouts and forms. Broadcast communication functionality allows Salesforce platform users to proactively broadcast updates to internal and external stakeholders through email and self-service channels. Among other things, the functionally helps inform on incidents.

The new External Actions tool allows companies to streamline marketing technology and leverage existing interaction channels. Self-built external actions allow the tool to be linked to third-party applications, such as solutions for registering potential webinar customers.

The advent of TikTok Integration for Commerce makes it easier to use TikTok as a sales and interaction channel. In addition, Mulesoft and Slack gained several features. Finally, Carbon Credit Allocation allows companies to more easily monitor and manage carbon credits in the Net Zero Cloud solution.

The Winter 23 release will be generally available on October 17. Salesforce published a comprehensive overview of all functionality on its website.

Tip: The world of Salesforce now revolves around Slack