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The new Tanzu product aims to add more focus on DevSecOps.

This week, VMware announced the addition of a new product to its Tanzu platform for building and managing modern container-based applications.

The new product is called VMware Tanzu Advanced. The company says this new addition builds upon VMware Tanzu Standard. The difference with this Advanced iteration is that it will add more focus on DevSecOps.

DevSecOps is a set of practices that combines software development and information technology operations. The main goal and purpose of DevSecOps is to shorten the systems development life cycle. It also aims to provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

Patricia Johnson, Senior Product Manager at VMware, detailed Tanzu Advanced in a blog post. “Tanzu Advanced enables teams to align in a shared effort to modernize applications by addressing needs across the container lifecycle,” she explains.

Centering on the developer experience while securing the container lifecycle

Tanzu Advanced delivers on the developer experience with the integration and full support of Spring, Johnson says. Spring is a framework that millions of developers use to make the best use of microservices, data pipelines, and APIs.

Johnson asserts that “Tanzu Advanced makes security an integrated part of the container lifecycle.” She adds that it provides a secure, curated catalog of application building blocks that are always up to date and validated. It also includes a complete accounting of their contents for easy auditing.

For custom applications, the product builds containers “using an automated, centralized image build system that patches operating system libraries and dependencies,” Johnson writes. The product then rebuilds with no developer intervention. 

Announcing Project Iris

In addition to Tanzu Advanced, VMware also announced the coming preview of Project Iris. This is a project that aims to help teams discover and analyze their application portfolios, according to a Tanzu Team blog post this week. The goal is to help organizations reduce operational expenses and improve maintenance windows.

“Project Iris discovers and analyzes an organization’s full app portfolio; recommends which apps to rehost, replatform, or refactor; and enables customers to adapt their own transformation journey for each app, line of business, or data center,” they wrote.