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Yahoo has decided to venture the gamble and compete itself back into the message market. It does so by launching a new app. This has been named Yahoo Together and is seen as a replacement for the Yahoo Messenger app, which was discontinued in July.

The new app resembles Slack in design, but combines this with the functionality of the old instant-messaging app ICQ. Have you ever been in a group treasure where ten people talk about eighteen different things at once? This can sometimes be difficult to follow, let alone to plan a barbecue, Yahoo writes in a media report about this. We created Yahoo Together to solve that. It’s a group treasure that makes life easier through organization and smart tools.

Wide range of applications

The app offers many possibilities, including sharing photos and videos, calendars and a powerful search engine that helps you find all of that. The comparison with Slack comes from The Verge, that the service from the general user experience to the use of colour and the reactions resembles Slack almost identically.

Then there is Engadget, which writes positively about the app and states that it is a better organized app than competitors. Together allows group conversations and lets you put a matching title on each group, making it easier to follow them in the general chat than to create a separate chat.

Currently Yahoo Together is only available as an app for iOS and Android. Whether or not a desktop version is coming is not known.

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