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Webex, Cisco’s video-conferencing app, since September has over 590 million users and is on its way to break the 600 million mark this month. The corona pandemic seems to have played a large part in this growth.

The number of Webex users has been growing steadily since March. Back then, the service had 324 million users. Now that new Covid-19 infections are flaring up again, Webex is again breaking records, Jeetu Patel, Cisco Systems Inc’s general manager for security and applications business, told Reuters.

Mostly enterprise customers

Like Microsoft Teams, Webex was primarily focused on enterprise users. As a result, Webex missed out on the rapid growth in other markets. Zoom managed to play into those markets a lot better. By adding new features aimed at education, Cisco hopes to tap into new markets.

The features include the ability to support large classrooms. Those classrooms can then be split up into smaller groups that can be also be brought back together again. Cisco is also working on noise suppression. That feature will be rolled out on October 30th.

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Other video-conferencing-apps also popular

Reuters also asked Microsoft and Zoom for an update on their user count. Unfortunately, both companies declined to share recent figures.

However, it is known that back in April, Zoom had 300 million daily users, and Teams had 200 million. Just like Cisco, Microsoft is working on their noise suppression. The company recently announced an update for this feature.

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