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This week, EU antitrust regulators are going to bring charges against Apple. The iPhone maker is being accused of blocking its rivals on its App Store. There was also a complaint filed by the music streaming service Spotify, according to a person familiar with the issue.

In a report first written by Reuters, the move by the EU antitrust regulators could end with a fine of as much as 10% of Apple’s global revenue.

The move may even lead to changes in its business model, which though lucrative, is sometimes seen as a bit much and at the expense of competitors.

Spotify grievances

Reuters was also the first to report about the looming EU antitrust charge last month and in the new report, says that Sweden’s Spotify took a complaint to the European Commission in 2019. The grievance was that Apple was unfairly restricting rivals that challenged its own music streaming service, Apple Music.

Spotify also complained about the 30% fee charged by Apple, to allow developers to use its in-app purchase system (IAP).

Reuters did not manage to get a comment from the antitrust body concerning this development in the story.

Apple’s defense

Apple referred to a March 2019 blog that followed Spotify’s complaint. In the blog, Apple claimed that its App Store helped the rival music streaming app (Spotify) gain hundreds of millions of app downloads.

The smartphone giant also said that its platform is the reason why Spotify grew to become the largest music streaming service in Europe.

As it stands, not many people know how this is going to play out. However, what happens could change the way competition works. In the meantime, Epic Games continues to pursue a complaint of a similar nature against Apple.