Salesforce introduces new cloud features for Customer 360 strategy

Salesforce introduces new cloud features for Customer 360 strategy

The advancements in their marketing cloud mean that the Customer Data Platform (CDP) of Salesforce has been expanded to help audience segmentation, loyalty management, and real-time engagement.

Salesforce now offers commerce and marketing cloud features within their Digital 360 services. These cloud updates aim to aid companies in managing processes from beginning to end and ultimately improve the results.

Why were these updates introduced?

Salesforce has announced that they have added product updates and new features across their Commerce and Marketing clouds. The main objective of these updates is the advancement of Salesforce’s central Customer 360 strategy.

On the Marketing front, the cloud advancements will help expand the Customer Data Platform of Salesforce to aid in audience segmentation, loyalty management, and real-time engagement.

On the Commerce side, the updates are meant to help companies in identifying business trends, improve order management and customize customer experiences, among many other things.

What are the new features and updates?

Here is a closer look at what’s on offer:

Updates to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud

Within the Marketing cloud, Salesforce had updated their CDP for Loyalty Management and integrated CDP with Interaction Studio, a real-time personalization engine. They are also introducing Snapchat and Whatsapp integrations, Datorama reports, and Omnichannel Inventory and Distributed Order management to view orders in real-time.

The WhatsApp integration enables companies to use the Marketing cloud for transactional messages and keyword detection to communicate with their customers directly.

The new feature related to Snapchat, called the Snapchat Audience Match, helps marketers use data stored in Salesforce to create targeted ads for audiences on Snapchat.

Updates to Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud

Within the Commerce Cloud, data has been integrated with Salesforce CDP ‘out-of-the-box.’ They have also launched a brand new B2B2C Commerce app that allows B2B companies to launch their direct-to-consumer e-commerce storefront. They have also introduced the Progressive Web Application (PWA) and the Managed Runtime Service.

When will they be available?

Salesforce has confirmed that Datorama reports, CDP for Loyalty Management, Whatsapp Integration, as well as the Omnichannel inventory and Distributed Order Management, will be available from today. Snapchat Audience Match, B2B2C Commerce, and Salesforce CDP for Interaction will also be available this month.

The Managed Runtime service and PWA kit for headless commerce can be expected to launch in August, whereas the CDP for Commerce Cloud and Order Management for B2B are scheduled to become available in October.