Pure Storage introduces NVMe-oF ROCE with DirectFlash Fabric

Pure Storage introduces NVMe-oF ROCE with DirectFlash Fabric

Pure Storage launches DirectFlash Fabric in Purity 5.2. This is how the flash specialist NVMe-oF brings RoCE support to its FlashArray//X products.

DirectFlash Fabric allows you to improve the performance of business-critical applications, as well as new web-scale applications that traditionally rely on direct attached storage. Pure claims to be the first mainstream provider that supports NVMe-oF RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) widely. This brings flash storage closer to the application for more real-time access and consolidation.

“The future is to deliver applications and services as quickly as you can imagine,” said Chadd Kenney, vice president for Products and Solutions at Pure Storage. “To do this, applications can no longer live within barriers, they have to interact, communicate and share data in real time. Architectures, together with the data, must converge and remove the current obstacles.”


RDMA over Converged Ethernet offers, according to Pure, the greatest possible leap in Ethernet performance, with a 50 percent lower latency compared to iSCSI. Performance would also be 20 per cent higher than NVMe-oF via Fibre Channel. RDMA stands for Remote Direct Memory Access, which allows more direct data traffic to and from a server, resulting in increased throughput and reduced latency.

FlashArray//X supports end-to-end NVMe with 25 and 50 Gbit Ethernet. Interoperability is planned or available with network interface cards from Broadcom, Cisco, Marvell and Mellanox. Customers can upgrade their arrays to NVMe-oF RoCE by replacing the DirectFlash module with the updated software.

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