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ServiceNow announces the acquisition of DotWalk. DotWalk’s software has long been available for testing ServiceNow environments in preparation for new platform releases. The acquisition broadens and strengthens DotWalk’s role in ServiceNow’s platform.

ServiceNow enables organizations to automate workflows and processes. Its goal is independence from the applications, platforms and systems on which these workflows and processes rely. The organization develops a platform for finding and leveraging automation opportunities throughout entire IT environments.

New platform releases can pose a challenge for its users. A platform release may offer interesting improvements or additions, but if the changes affect an automation process that has already been set up, that process (or instance, ed.) must be modernized. A necessary evil.

ServiceNow calls the process ‘upgrading’. Testing existing instances in an environment running on an upcoming or new live platform release is a significant part of the process. DotWalk owes its existence to the time and energy involved therein. The developer is known for Bootstrap; an AI solution for high volume instance testing in preparation for upgrading to a new release of ServiceNow’s platform. The AI tests instances as a practising human would, identifying bugs and alleviating the major pain point of upgrading.


An acquisition has underscored ServiceNow’s interest in DotWalk. A ServiceNow spokesperson sheds light on how the buy-out is reflected in practice. “Together, ServiceNow and DotWalk will seamlessly map business processes and workflows on ServiceNow’s platform to proactively identify the tests needed for application changes. DotWalk’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered regression testing deciphers the optimal number of tests and steps to take for specific instances to proactively identify which tests are required to make changes throughout the platform.”