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Pure Storage and Snowflake are working on joint solutions for analysing on-premises data in the cloud. The capabilities of the Snowflake Data Platform are extended to on-premises environments.

The Snowflake Data Platform is a cloud-based data warehouse for secure data sharing within companies. The platform collects data from all cloud-based sources in an environment. This eliminates the need for companies to extract data from various silos. Data is directly usable for analytics, data science and application development.

On-premises to cloud

The collaboration with Pure Storage ensures that on-premises data will soon be available in the cloud-based Snowflake Data Platform as well, without compromising data laws and regulations. Physically, data still resides in on-premises data centres on Pure Storage’s FlashBlade object storage arrays. The data is made available on a cloud platform, which allows for various applications.

Dell Technologies

The hybrid cloud collaboration between Pure Storage and Snowflake is similar to a previously announced collaboration between Dell Technologies and Snowflake. This involved on-premises data being made available for analytics as well.