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Dell is releasing a new generation OptiPlex. From now on, the desktops to support productivity should be more manageable. Also, OptiPlex PCs will no longer have model numbers from, to simplify things a bit.

The line includes the redesigned 24-inch All-in-One, with a focus on performance, audio and video. For this, the PC features up to Intel Core i9 processors and 64GB of DDR5 memory. There is also an FHD or 5MP IR camera, for video meetings. This makes use of what Dell calls Express Sign-in and intelligent privacy, which should ensure that visual aspects and audio are properly displayed to also collaborate securely at the same time.

Also launching is the new OptiPlex Micro, a smaller model. For performance, this PC also uses up to Intel Core i9 processors and 64GB of DDR5 memory. New to OptiPlex Micro (35W) is the ability to use USB-C for power. “Simply connect your Type-C cable from a Dell USB-C hub monitor to your Micro (35W) and get instant power, video and data with one single cable, for a clean and easy-to-set-up workspace,” Dell said.

For users with a bit more needs around performance or ports, Dell is revamping the OptiPlex Small Form Factor. In these models, Intel Core i9 chips are also one of the big innovations, combined with 128GB of DDR5 memory.

Finally, with the new OptiPlex Tower, there is a model that targets users who have high demands for performance and expandability. These models can use i9 125W processors, with support for Nvidia RTX 3070 (8GB, HDDR6), for example. The most comprehensive model includes 128GB of DDR5 memory.


We briefly mentioned in the introduction that for the new OptiPlex series, management will receive more attention. About that, Dell says the following: “OptiPlex form factors featuring Intel 13th Gen processors will no longer be segmented by series or model numbers, meaning customers will no longer see a 3, 5 or 7 series – just a single OptiPlex model. With a simple two-step process, customers can choose the right form factor, then the right features for the job. We’re making management simple by offering one BIOS for the all-in-ones and one BIOS for the rest of the towers, saving valuable IT time.”

Dell also plans to further support with Intel vPro Essentials and Intel vPro Enterprise, for “modern management capabilities and hardware-enhanced security, as well as modern standby that helps consume less energy. The new lineup also gets an intelligent boost with Dell Optimizer for AI-enhanced personalized productivity.”

The OptiPlex All-in-One, Micro, Small Form Factor and Tower are available immediately.

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