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This is Lenovo’s attention-grabbing laptop Yoga Book 9i

This is Lenovo’s attention-grabbing laptop Yoga Book 9i

The Yoga Book 9i boasts two 13.3-inch, 16:10 OLED touchscreens, eliminating the need for an integrated keyboard or touchpad, providing more screen real estate. At first glance, the Yoga Book 9i’s striking appearance is an attention grabber.

When we look at Lenovo’s latest laptop, the Yoga Book 9i, one question arises: why would one need such a unique laptop? Admittedly, this device caters to a specific niche, addressing the needs of individuals who want a genuinely unconventional computing experience.

While the laptop’s design may not be ideal for everyone, it presents exciting possibilities that transcend the limitations of conventional laptops.

Step aside, portable monitors!

With a seamless and crease-free display, the Yoga Book 9i outshines laptops currently on the market, making the laptop a compelling option for those seeking more screen real estate without sacrificing portability.

But before getting too excited, like with any innovative design, there are trade-offs. One notable downside is the price-to-productivity ratio, as the Yoga Book 9i leans towards the higher end of the price spectrum. Prices start from 2.000 US dollars. Furthermore, the dual-screen setup poses challenges, especially when propping up one screen while using the other as a keyboard or touchpad. Nevertheless, Lenovo tried to address these issues, ensuring stability and usability. Also, the laptop’s 360-degree hinge, which doubles as a soundbar, creates an enormous bezel that sometimes distracts users.

A stunning display

The Yoga Book 9i’s dual OLED screens offer impeccable image quality, vibrant colors, and impressive contrast. Although occasional oversaturation and reflective surfaces are worth noting in reviews we read from this product, Lenovo’s commitment to a taller 16:10 aspect ratio is nothing to sniff at.

While its unique design and limited specifications may deter some potential buyers, the Yoga Book 9i is a beacon of hope, reminding us that manufacturers can still create daring laptops that cater to unique uses.

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