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Despite the limited use of work phones, most employees are interested in receiving such a smartphone.

That’s according to figures from Motorola. It surveyed 4,000 employees from several companies about device usage. Exactly 26 per cent of employees use a work phone for their tasks. Of the employees who do not have a work smartphone, 54 per cent would use one if the organization provided them with a device.

The group that does have a company phone experiences positive effects. For example, 85 per cent of those surveyed say they experience a better work-life balance. In addition, for 63 per cent, it leads to greater efficiency in completing tasks and for 57 per cent, to improved communication with colleagues.

Interest among managers as well

Other Motorola figures show that all managers at large companies who offer employees a work phone also see benefits. At the same time, 61 per cent of CIOs and CTOs are concerned about the security risks associated with using personal devices for work purposes. For example, these unmanaged personal phones could increase the likelihood of a data breach.

It is unclear why the gap between employee and manager interest and actual adoption is so wide.

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