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Today Intel announced that it has acquired NetSpeed Systems. This is a startup established in 2011 with the aim of accelerating semiconductor design. NetSpeed’s focus is on developing system-on-a-chip, making it a good addition to Intel’s future plans.

A system-on-a-chip (soc) combines a processor with certain essential other components, including the secrets, and does so on one compact unit. These types of chips are smaller than traditional motherboards and also use less power. These features mean that they can be integrated into smartphones, but also into other small devices such as blood pressure monitors and autonomous vehicles. With the acquisition of NetSpeed, Intel has gained more intellectual property rights in this area, which enables it to strengthen its position in the mobile market.

AI products

NetSpeed has developed a number of products that are made for the technology that connects the components together. The company does this with its self-developed design tool NocStudio, which uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of chips. The software is mainly looking for the fastest way to implement soc-specifications.

NocStudio is also part of a broader portfolio of products aimed at artificial intelligence. This includes Orion AI, which has been developed for machine learning workloads. On the NetSpeed site we read that all products together have resulted in a twenty percent improvement in speed, compactness and efficiency.

Integration within Intel

According to Intel, the acquisition of NetSpeed will not only provide new products and capabilities, but will also reduce costs. NetSpeed will be placed under the Silicon Engineering Group. Sundari Mitra, co-founder of NetSpeed, will stay on board as vice president of the group, to lead her team.

The amount of money involved in the takeover is not known.

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