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Hoping to prevent certain iPhone models from no longer selling in China, Apple will roll out a number of software updates to its users. The hope is that possible problems will be solved in this way and that the equipment will still be allowed to be sold in China.

In a statement to Reuters, Apple announced that it would roll out the software updates next week to address potential concerns about our complaince with a legal order. Earlier this week, Qualcomm stated that a Chinese court had ruled that certain older iPhone models were banned because they infringed two of its patents.

Two patents

Connoisseurs say that the ban will probably take some time before it is fully effective. At the same time, Apple states that it is releasing an update that solves the problem of the limited functionality of the patents that are the subject of this case. This would bring it back into line with the rules and there would be no need for a ban.

Qualcomm does not agree with this and, through lawyer Don Rosenberg, states that Apple is ignoring the court order, despite the modifications to the software. According to Rosenberg, they are legally obliged to stop selling and importing the equipment.

Ban on iPhones

The case was brought by Qualcomm and is part of a broad and global patent dispute between the two American companies. There are dozens of cases between the two companies worldwide. In this case, the court in China ruled that older iPhone models, from the 6S to the X, can no longer be sold in China.

However, Qualcomm and Apple do not entirely agree on whether this legal decision means that iPhone sales should be discontinued. Reuters writes that the verdict seems to indicate that Apple should stop selling immediately. At the same time, lawyers argue that Apple can take steps to delay that process.

The problems

Qualcomm filed the case against Apple at the end of 2017. It stated that Apple had infringed patents relating to the creation of photos and the management of apps on a touch screen. At the same time, Apple seems to be taking steps to counteract this by stating that iPhones do not cause irreparable damage to Qualcomm.

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