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“5G iPhone may be delayed until 2021.

“5G iPhone may be delayed until 2021.

Apple’s plans to launch a 5G iPhone may be delayed due to missed deadlines from 5G modem vendor Intel. Fast Company reports this on the basis of an insider with knowledge about the relationship between the two companies. The intention was to launch the phone in 2020, but this will be possible one year later.

Intel was the only modem supplier of the iPhone XS, XS Plus and XR. The company also intends to be the sole supplier of the 5G modems in Apple’s 5G smartphones, but the company would have missed several deadlines for the development of the chip.

If companies want to deliver large numbers of these modems in time for an iPhone launch in September 2020, Intel must deliver the first samples to Apple by early this summer. A completed design for the chip must be delivered in 2020. But deadlines would already have been missed.

Intel said in November that it expected to ship the chip in the second half of 2019. This was repeated by the company when Fast Company asked for a response. But according to the insider, Apple has lost confidence that Intel will actually deliver the chip.

Late player

The delay would cause Apple to lag even further behind other manufacturers. Competitors such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have already launched 5G phones. Further delays would put the company two years behind its competitors.

The company does not have any other options either, according to the insider. Apple is supposed to be in talks with Samsung and Mediatek about delivering chips in the short term. Samsung also wants to sell its 5G chips for use in phones other than its own. But according to the insider, Samsung and Mediatek will probably not be able to deliver chips for a 5G iPhone in 2020.

Another option is to go back to Qualcomm, which was previously disowned due to a long-running quarrel and many lawsuits. Apple is also working on chips, but these will probably not be ready for use in its phones until after 2021. This means that Apple still has to rely on Intel, which may cause the phone to be delayed.

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