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Bullitt Group announced a 5G hotspot at Mobile World Conference 2022. The Cat Q10 is as rugged as the CAT smartphones that put the product series on the map.

Caterpillar (CAT) is a major manufacturer of construction machinery and engines. In 2012, the organization launched its first smartphone: the CAT B10, a bulky and robust model. Bullitt Group, a British telecommunications organization, distributes the dozens of models that followed over the years.

CAT smartphones are anything but sleek or elegant. ‘Rugged’ is the magic word: the products can take a beating. Today, at Mobile World Conference 2022 (MWC), Bullitt Group announced a CAT 5G hotspot.

Cat Q10 5G Hotspot

The Cat Q10 provides up to 32 devices with a simultaneous 5G connection. The hotspot depends on a 5G SIM card, a 5G subscription and a location covered by 5G. The CAT design philosophy is key: the model has a robust casing and a battery life of 10 hours.

According to Bullitt Group, the hotspot is suitable for construction sites, markets, pop-up stores and events. We expect the model to survive falls from meter-high risers and multiple floors.

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