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Synology launched the DS1522+. The model targets small and medium-sized businesses. The NAS outperforms the DS1520+, an older and comparable model.

New NAS models are rarely groundbreaking. Synology regularly introduces modern versions of older products, including the DS1522+. The model has the same price range (around €700) and target audience as the DS1520+ (2020). While both models feature five bays, speeds differ.


One of the biggest improvements is the processor. Synology opted for a newer CPU. The DS1522+ runs on an AMD Ryzen R1600 with a clock speed of 2.6GHz. The processor runs much better than the DS1520+’s Intel J4125.

Additionally, the NAS features 8GB of DDR4 ECC memory, with two additional inputs for a maximum capacity of 32GB. This is a big step forward, as just a few years back, DDR4 ECC memory was only available in mid-range and enterprise models.

Another advantage is the 10GbE input, found on the back. The input accepts an E10G22-T1-Mini. As long as the network’s fast enough, this device provides a 10GbE connection. Lastly, the DS1522+ supports two expansion bays. These devices allow you to expand the number of slots to fifteen.

Western Digital and Seagate

Several of Synology’s recent NAS models have lacked support for Western Digital and Seagate drives. The DS1522+ has a similar problem. Most Western Digital drives lack support at this time.

When attempting to use one of the drives, Synology alerts that the drive may cause long-term issues. The NAS typically remains functional, but service isn’t guaranteed.

At the time of writing, it’s difficult to review which drives are supported and which are not. Synology has yet to add the DS1522+ to the Products Compatibility List.

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