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AWS introduced CodeWhisperer to help customers train AI models. The solution automatically generates code for training AI datasets.

CodeWhisperer is available in preview for now. The service automatically generates code for AI model training projects.

Automatic Code

Code is generated based on contextual hints. CodeWhisperer considers the location of the cursor in the source code, code that precedes the cursor, comments and code in other files within the same project.

Furthermore, CodeWhisperer can generate code snippets based on natural language text included in a source file. The code snippets automate various tasks. Should these tasks depend on external technology, such as a cloud service or library, the tool automatically links the technology to the code.

AWS CodeWhisperer can simplify tasks such as bucket creation in Amazon S3. In addition, the tool complements services such as Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda.

Extensive training

The tech giant trained the tool using billions of code lines from various sources, including internal and open-source projects. The service can generate more than ten lines of code at a time. CodeWhisperer is able to adapt generated code to the style of an existing project.

AWS CodeWhisperer is accessible through the AWS IDE Toolkit. The tool can be integrated into a cloud environment or the IDEs of developers. The tool supports several popular IDEs and programming languages, including Java, JavaScript and Python.