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Chinese tech giant Huawei is under a lot of pressure when it comes to his 5G technology. The company has several products needed for the roll-out of 5G networks, but the United States is actively calling for these products to be boycotted. Now the company has announced that it is prepared to cooperate with additional safety measures if this is necessary to be able to sell its products in the West.

Andy Purdy, the Chief Security Officer of Huawei Technologies USA, tells the Reuters news agency about this. Purdy’s remark is a response to a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this week. Pompeo said that the United States would find it difficult to cooperate with countries where Huawei’s network technology is used.

Chinese espionage

The United States fears that Huawei’s technology is being used by the Chinese government to spy on other countries. This fear stems from Chinese legislation obliging Chinese companies to cooperate with espionage requests from the Chinese intelligence services. This means that the United States is calling on its allies to refrain from using Huawei technology, in particular.

This is still a difficult matter, because this technology is relatively cheap and already available. If countries choose to ban Huawei technology, they risk, on the one hand, delaying the roll-out of 5G networks and, on the other hand, making it more expensive. Huawei is now announcing its willingness to cooperate on any additional measures to address espionage concerns.

The American government is very persistent, very determined and powerful in its messages around Huawei, Purdy told Reuters. According to Purdy, Huawei is willing to cooperate on additional measures if this helps with the takeover of its products. For example, the company is prepared to have the source code of its products tested. That way, governments can be reassured, Purdy thinks.

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