HPE improves Primera and Nimble storage solutions

HPE improves Primera and Nimble storage solutions

HPE recently added several improvements to its Primera and Nimble storage portfolios. These are mainly software upgrades that should give the various solutions more functionalities.

The mid-range HPE Primera applications will get the new functionality via a new version 4.2 of the Primera OS. The most important new functionality that is added is improved NVMe support. For example, the added functionality supports twice as many SAP HANA nodes at half the price.

In addition, the HPE Primera systems now have an AI subsystem so that the systems can optimize array resource usage in real-time. Furthermore, an array can now replicate with Peer Persistence to three global locations simultaneously. This should provide increased and transparent data access when problems emerge on a large scale. Also, a replication environment for HPR Primera can now connect to a public cloud environment and provide data for testing, development and analytics applications.

Containers and VMware solutions

HPE Primera also added extra features in terms of containers. For example, the automation possibilities have been optimised for the supplying storage for VMware VVOLs and containers. Containers are supported by a Kubernetes CSI plug-in. The VVOL support includes disaster recovery via Site Recovery Manager. The HPE Nimble storage arrays already support VVOLs and the CSI plug-in.

New HPE Nimble features

The HPE Nimble portfolio has also been equipped with new features. This portfolio now includes 99.9999 percent availability and two-site replication. Replication capabilities for three separate sites are now provided through version 5.2 of the HPE Nimble OS. In addition, asynchronous replication capability has been added for on-premise or extensions to the public cloud. Another feature that has been added is support for Storage class memory (SCM). This support should cut down the response time of the HPE Nimble environments by half.

Furthermore, the HPE InfoSight management system for the HPE Nimble applications has been expanded upon. It is now possible to perform cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V. The added analytics capabilities identify different performance issues between storage and VMs as well as for underutilized virtual resources.


Version 4.2 of HPR Primera OS will be for free in the third quarter of this year. The All-NVMe functionality for HPE Primera can now be purchased directly from HPE and through channel partners. The HPE Primera CSI plug-in for Kubernetes 1.1.1 is now also immediately available.

The HPE Nimble Storage 1.5TB Storage Class Memory Adapter Kits are immediately available for the HPE Nimble Storage AF60 and AF80 All Flash Arrays. HPE Nimble 3 Site Replication is included in version 5.2 of the HPE NimbleOS. HPE InfoSight Cross Stack Analytics for Hyper-V will be available in July 2020.