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Nvidia will be focusing more on the data center solutions and wants to deliver a complete portfolio for that market. This was revealed in a recent interview with Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang in the Financial Times.

The interview in the business newspaper shows that Nvidia wants to become the leading supplier of core technology for data centers within the foreseeable future. The company wants to provide a complete technology stack.

Complete data center portfolio

CEO Huang, sees the delivery of a complete data center portfolio and ‘data center scale computing’ as the future for Nvidia. The company is taking more and more steps to achieve this. Earlier this year, Nvidia acquired Mellanox for 7 billion dollars. With Mellanox, the chipset manufacturer acquired a specialist in the field of high-speed interconnect connections between server and storage infrastructure.

In addition, Nvidia’s GPUs, originally developed for handling video games, are increasingly being used as computing engines for training AI models. This makes the GPUs an important component within data centers.

The only important core components that are still missing from the portfolio are the required CPUs. However, the possible acquiring of ARM – which has been the subject of speculation for some time – can also solve this problem.

Data center beats gaming business

Recent figures also show that Nvidia’s choice for the data center market is justified. Compared to last year, revenues from data center activities increased by no less than 167 percent to an amount of 1.75 billion dollars. For the first time, the data center segment within Nvidia outperformed the traditional gaming business by 1.65 billion dollars.

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