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The recommended settings aim to help admins who want to configure Windows 10 machines from the cloud.

The stampede towards the cloud that COVID-19 has set in motion just continues to pick up steam. This week, Microsoft announced a recommended set of configuration settings to set up Windows 10 devices in a cloud-first way.

Microsoft is calling the new config the Windows 10 “in cloud” configuration. The new settings apply to Windows 10, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and a subset of Windows apps.

“A cost-effective solution for the new digital workforce”

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, announced the cloud config in a blog post this week. He stressed that the new config is not a new version of Windows, nor is it a new Microsoft product.

“Cloud config is a set of recommended configurations that uses the technology infrastructure you already have,” he explains. These consist of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows 10, and apps. The purpose of the configuration is “to save you time and money while getting your people the right device to get their work done.”

“With cloud config, your users get a familiar Windows interface and productivity apps while your admins get a familiar management experience,” he adds.

The configurations are not difficult to apply, Spataro explains. “All you need is a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise PC, Endpoint Manager,” he says. Then users just need to apply the cloud configuration apps and settings.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge, and OneDrive for Business, cloud config allows users to securely deploy Win32 and critical line-of-business (LOB) apps. They can do this either directly to the device or via virtualization., according to Spataro.

In order to help users adopt the new settings, Microsoft made details about cloud config available via a new website this week. There, users can find resources like detailed instructions and full documentation.